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Why The System Is Failing You


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

The title of this post is intentionally deceptive. It contains a presupposition, that being that the system is in fact failing you.

The system we are talking about could be the economy, your industry, your job, marriage, church, or fantasy sports league. All these entities are systems. But in this case I am addressing the system we think of as the economy, and specifically as it relates to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

“The system” is not failing you. But it’s quite possible, even likely, that your perception of the integrity of the system is flawed. That you have developed a belief system that the world is getting worse, that hope is diminishing, and that opportunity is out of reach of most people, yourself included.

The part of the system that is failing you, in my humble but accurate opinion, is the media. I’m not singling out a certain television network or newspaper or group of blogs. I’m pointing my finger at the entire TV Industrial Complex which profits most heavily when they can disseminate bad news.

There is a saying in the news media: “if it bleeds, it leads.” This saying acknowledges what news professionals know. The general public is most interested in staring at carnage, fascinated by disaster, bad news, scandal, and fear. The news media is in the business of fear.

If you, because of your desire to be a well-informed citizen, carefully study the newspaper, watch the news, and read the major online news sites, you are being intentionally and skillfully indoctrinated into a view of the world that is inaccurate, disempowering, and filling you with fear and trepidation.

You have been fed a steady diet of lies.

It’s time for you to pull away from the trough, leave that particular feast to those who wish to dine upon such slop, raise your head, and see the horizon.

The future is bright for those who are entrepreneurially inclined.


Ray Edwards

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