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How to Make $20k Per Month as a Copywriter


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Would you like to start a work-from-home career that can pay you $20,000 per month? That’s exactly what Dr. Doug Pew on today’s podcast did. And he believes you can do the same.


“Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; but increase comes by the strength of an ox.”
– Prov.14:4

“There’s no such thing as a poopless cow.” – Bill Johnson



The Sony ZV-1 is ALMOST the perfect VLOGGING CAMERA.

If I was starting out today on YouTube, this would be my camera of choice.


My guest today is Dr. Douglas Pew, one the best students that I’ve ever encountered. I don’t just mean he’s a successful student of mine (although I would definitely call making $16k in a month on the way to $20k per month successful) – I mean he’s a great student…hence the whole “Dr.” thing.

But there is a pitfall with being a great student that even Doug had to battle with – “Educrastination.” Knowledge acquisition pays nothing and can cost a lot of money (and even worse – a lot of time.)

Doug has plenty of encouraging words for people who have ever had these questions:

• How do I build my own business when I have a full-time job?
• How can I “switch careers” at my age? I’ve invested so much time in ______.
• How can I possibly put in the work needed when I work AND have kids?
• How can you expect to bring in more money when so many are struggling?
• How much do I need to know?
• How many mentors should I have?

Doug has the answers for all of those questions AND is living proof that you can be successful in the new economy.


So now, here’s a question for you: who were your most influential mentors? What wisdom did you learn from them? Send me a text. 509-245-2670.

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Until next time, may you enjoy long life, good health, and great prosperity – PEACE to your house.


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