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3 Reasons Why You Must Learn Copywriting in the New Economy


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

All entrepreneurs are copywriters – but the successful entrepreneurs are good at it.

Empires are built on copy – and potential empires fall for the lack of powerful, persuasive prose.


“Like vinegar to the teeth, and smoke to the eyes, so are the lazy to their employers.” Proverbs [10:26].



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3 Reasons Why You Must Learn Copywriting in the New Economy

FIRST, what is copywriting? It is the writing of the words that sell.

This writing might be in the form of an ad, an email, a sales page – or even a social media post or podcast episode.

Without an intentional sales message, you can fail to convey the value you provide. This could mean the total failure of your business or idea. Or (maybe worse) it could mean an obscure, by-the-fingernails kind of success.

Barely scraping by.

Constant stress and worry.

So here are the 3 reasons why you must learn copywriting – especially in the New Economy…

1. Business comes down to selling.

2. Copywriting is the act of putting your best sales “pitch” in writing.

3. The entrepreneur with the best copy wins.

And it gets more complicated than that because the very best copy uses certain language patterns and persuasion devices to evoke a response.

These don’t happen by accident – it’s a craft you learn through practice. The quick resource is my free guide that outlines my proprietary framework for writing copy that sells. Grab it now at


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Ray Edwards

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