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Can I Start a Business From Home for No Money?


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

I want you to know that you can start a business from home today, so today I’m going to give you the steps to start a business no matter how much money you have. I know it’s possible for you to start your business and start making money.


([2:30]) The gold mines sitting in everybody’s homes that will help you start a business. We’ve all got a pile of stuff. Some people buy shoes or clothes and don’t even remove the tags, because they never planned on wearing them in the first place. They’ll make you more money than you think, and you can put that money straight into your business.
([5:00]) The one tool that you already have right now to start a business online. Maybe it’s in your pocket right now… or maybe you’re using it to listen to this podcast right now. If it’s got WiFi, a camera and a microphone, you can use it to start filming videos and recording audio. It’s a computer in your pocket that you can use for almost everything needed for a business. It takes almost nothing to create valuable content.
([10:00]) Why you need to build your business around your life, instead of building your life around your business. You should never work for your business, your business should always work for you. It should work on how you want to live your life. If your business isn’t working for you, you’re doing something wrong.
([19:00]) Why it’s intimidating to use video marketing, and how to overcome it. We all hate our voices, we all have insecurities about how we look, we all start at zero. No matter your skill level, you have information that somebody else needs to hear and that means you NEED to share it and do it through video too. Some people just need to see you speaking it to understand what you’re trying to say.
([23:00]) Why people will listen as long as they can hear you clearly. You probably have the tools to do it, because most smartphones come with all the tools you need to record videos. You’ve got the camera, so why not use it? You don’t have to wait to start recording until you have a big, expensive camera, because then you’re wasting your time waiting… when you could be making.

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