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“Fear Is Not the Boss of You” with Jennifer Allwood


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Does fear ever hold you back? Keep you from being the best version of yourself? Does it rob today of its joy and tomorrow of its promise?

Well, that’s all about to end, because we’ve got news: fear is not the boss of you.

And if you’d like to find out why that is true, and how you can start to fear less, you must drop everything and listen to the new podcast episode.

On today’s show, Tiffany and I talk with Jennifer Allwood – and you don’t want to miss this.


([1:45]) Why Jennifer manages to keep up her hectic schedule and continues to speak to thousands on stages all over the place, even though she deals with this common fear that stops many people in their tracks.
([5:12]) All about the day she was on TV with Chip and Joanna Gaines… and how she ended up in the middle of a Chip and Joanna sandwich.
([13:02]) It doesn't matter how much strategy you have in your business, if you don't have this one thing, your business is never going to change.
([16:48]) The bizarre statement by Joyce Meyers that forever changed Jennifer’s life.
([23:01]) How running a local paint store set Jennifer up for a new life leading entrepreneurial women of faith.
([24:02]) The criticism Jennifer read about herself online that made her say, “I am going to throw up.”
And how that ended up being one of the best things that happened to her.
([32:01]) The money mindset issues that hold women (and yes, men too) back from receiving everything God has for them in life.
([37:25]) The first webinar Jennifer ever held, and the totally unexpected result that put her to the test (It’s probably not what you’re thinking).
([50:30]) How does Jennifer hear the voice of God? She gets into the details of how this works (if you want to hear from God, this part is for you).
([57:43]) All about Jennifer’s new live event for women. Called “Equipped,” it’s the event she never wanted to do. It’s also the biggest and most successful. All about Jennifer’s new book and the free personality quiz you can take that tells you what kind of business you should start.


To visit Jennifer’s website click here.

Jennifer’s new book, Fear Is Not the Boss of You

Take Jennifer’s free quiz that tells you what kind of business you should start.

Jennifer’s course, The Creator’s Roadmap: The Course That Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Scale Their Online Businesses:


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