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Your Perfect Voice With Roger Love


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

This week my co-host Tiffany and I have a conversation with one of the most renowned vocal coaches in the world.

Roger Love tells us how he went from being a “normal” kid to one of the most popular vocal coaches before he could even drive a car. Now that’s pretty impressive.

You’ll see why I am in love with Roger Love – in the least weird way possible.



Tune in to discover…

([0:30]) The secret to making the “Big Bucks” as a copywriter. Don’t miss the information video conference later TODAY, December 16th, at [1:00] PM (PST), where you can learn just what it takes to become a blue-collar badass copywriter.

([3:25]) How Roger Love became the top vocal coach in the WORLD. What he knew at the age of 13 that ended up shaping the rest of his life, and the steps he took to take him to the top.

([4:13]) The opportunity of a lifetime he was given at the age of 16. While we were all working retail and fast food, he was learning to run an empire.

([5:30]) Why everybody loves Love. SPOILER ALERT: your jaw will hit the floor when you hear some of the people he has worked with!

([6:38]) How he learned to “just say no” to saying no. Not only were singers floored by his talent, but some big-name speakers were too, people you’ve heard of. So why did he say no?

([9:00]) Why Roger Love says you’re not dreaming big enough. What he did to make sure his dreams were realized.

([11:00]) Why Roger said “give me your worst” to Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges. Why he believes doing your worst leads to your best.

([12:12]) Why you don’t need a good voice to learn how to sing. It may sound cliche, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

([13:30]) The valuable lesson he learned about his true value and led him to the revelation that people in other fields wanted him for a reason.

([14:19]) Why newborn babies sing WAY better than you. Don’t miss our little demonstration!

([17:00]) Why HIS vocal coaching could be the key to the end of the world as we know it.

([18:58]) Why “miracles” are called “miracles.” A friendly reminder that Jesus didn’t walk on water and turn it into wine on the same day.

([23:47]) What some vocal specialists say that makes Roger Love’s skin crawl. Diaphragmatic breathing may sound cool and all, but there’s more to breathing than just breathing in.

([27:51]) The simple trick Roger uses to teach people how to walk up the stairs. When it’s Tiffany’s turn she decides falling down the stairs was faster than walking.

([30:00]) How Roger’s vocal lessons can help your writing flow better. Surprising vocal lessons can help you find your perfect voice in every way possible.

([33:34]) How YOU are a scientist when you make words come out of your mouth. Also, learn what the heck an amygdala is and what it has to do with vocal science.

([37:00]) How my name can get you the perfect voice and save you some money. Who’s going to say no to free money? I know I wouldn’t!


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• To listen to his podcast, go to Love Your Voice with Roger Love.

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Today’s show was produced by Kris Edwards with show notes and worksheets by Doug Pew and Juan Lopez.

Until we meet again may you prosper in all things: health, wealth, and wisdom. Now go live your most prosperous life.

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