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What You Believe is What You Receive


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

Your belief determines your destiny. What you believe about anything determines what you receive, whether it's your life, your business, your personal performance or your identity.

In this episode we're going to unpack why what you believe about yourself is more important than you may have ever suspected. It's not magic, it's just the logical progression of a thought process. We'll uncover this and more during a conversation I'm going to have with my good friend, Cliff Ravenscraft.



This week I’m giving you three tips for the price of one. What a deal! If you are an entrepreneur and you're trying to grow your business, or you're a manager in an existing business, there are three big steps to take that will move you along much quicker than just trial and error.

If you are an entrepreneur and you're trying to grow your business, or you're a manager in an existing business, there are three big steps to take that will move you along much quicker than just trial and error.

  • Know your big reason why. There's a saying that goes something like this, “Once you have a big enough WHY, you can overcome any HOW that needs to be overcome to reach your objective.” Knowing your reason why will help you push through the difficult hows that come up.
  • Accelerate your business growth, define your beliefs, your values, and your rules. This is something most people never bother to do. You must be clear on what your beliefs are about everything in your life, what your values are around the major sections of your life and your business, and what your rules are, to know that you're being consistent or in integrity with your beliefs and values.
  • Choose your peers carefully. The people you spend the most intentional time with. The people you allow to influence your behavior, opinions, thoughts, and feelings. You need to choose these people very carefully. They need to be people who are on the same path as you are. Maybe not the same business, but the same attitude toward business. The same approach to life. An optimistic, hopeful, centered approach to business and life. If the people you're surrounding yourself with most right now are not like that, it becomes doubly important that you find a mastermind group that you can be part of, that will support you in your personal and business growth going forward. One such mastermind you might consider is our new paid mastermind. There should still be openings available when this is published. Maybe there won't be, but you can find out by going to If there are still openings, then you'll be able to apply there. If not, you'll be able to join the waitlist.

Those are your three steps to accelerate your business growth.

Number one, know your big why.

Number two, define your beliefs, values, and rules.

Number three, choose your peers carefully.


This week, we're going to unpack your spiritual Christian baggage. What do I mean by Christian baggage? Well, it grows from a metaphor that my friend, Frank Viola, shared with me. He calls it the Christian backpack, I call it Christian baggage. It goes something like this, when you become a Christian, when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you're told beforehand that it's by grace that you're saved. It's not anything you can earn or deserve, it's given to you as a gift. It's a free gift. All you have to do is accept it.

You think to yourself, “That sounds like a great deal, I'm going to take that deal.” Then once you're “in the club”, the people in the Church begin to tell you what you need to be doing and not doing. They hand you a backpack or a piece of luggage,

and they begin loading it up with bowling balls…sixteen-pound bowling balls.

Those bowling balls come with innocent names like:

  • Small Groups
  • Serving in the Children’s Ministry
  • Missions
  • ​Tithing
  • ​Ushering
  • ​Be here every time the doors open
  • ​Act like a Christian
  • ​Don’t Swear
  • ​Don’t watch TV
  • ​Here’s what your political views should be

And the list goes on and on. How does it feel to carry around all those bowling balls?

There's no end to the bowling balls that we could add to your baggage, but what this does, is it chokes off the real fruit of the spirit that you receive when you accept Jesus, and the holy spirit enters into you. When that happens, you're filled with grace, and you're no longer under the requirements of the law. There are no rules for you to follow. Because when you really receive and appreciate the grace that you've been given, your behavior begins to flow naturally from that. It's not a requirement, it's a supply of grace and ease that flows through you.

If you've been carrying the Christian baggage around, my suggestion is, drop it-just drop it. But the spirit that raised Jesus from the dead manifest himself through you, and you'll begin to see the fruits of that spirit in every part of your life.

You won't have to work on your behavior, your behavior will work on you.

Feature Presentation “What you Believe is What You Receive“

What you believe is what you receive. It's true. It sounds mystical, but it's not. It's quite logical. We are going to get right into it with my good friend, Cliff Ravenscraft.

Here are a few snippets from our conversation:

What you believe impacts everything – Just because you know something in your head doesn’t mean it you know it in your heart ([19:12])

Repetition is the Mother of Skill – How to create lasting change ([22:06])

Sticking your toe in the water doesn’t work – The secret of breaking free from limitation and taking your life to the next level ([26:26])

Watch your mouth – How the power of words distorts the truth of how we see ourselves ([28:30]) The value of pain – How to make instant change easy ([36:45])

The Fat Man returns – Nothing changes until our identity changes ([38:30])

The birth of a New Identity – How the power of mentorship unleashed a powerful new beginning ([42:56])

The mirror might be lying to you – How to embrace The Rubber Band Principle ([48:05])

The 100-Day Dilemma – The destructive power of a temporary identity ([50:07])

Draw a line in the sand – How to fall in love with the daily grind ([58:09])

The most powerful force in human psychology – Why it’s important to understand and apply the joy of consistency ([63:18])

Free the Dream – How to awaken the dormant greatness inside you ([66:27])

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