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15 Liberating Truths About Money


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

If your self-worth comes from your bank account, you’re going to be a nervous wreck the rest of your life. You’d better find a different foundation to stake your life on.

Today we discuss 15 slavery-inducing, life-murdering lies about money that you’ve probably been told.

We also share 15 Liberating Truths About Money. “The truth will set you free but at first it will probably piss you off.” — Joe Kloss



3 Lead Magnets You Can Create in about One Hour

  • Checklist: Describe steps, or a process, what you always include or exclude…a great example is the checklist for a minimalist traveler: What to Include in Your One Travel Bag
  • Resources list: Tools, books, websites you use that will help others
  • Templates: A done-for-you, simple, fill-in-the-blank resource you use in your business that others will find helpful 

Improve the lead magnet by hiring a designer. Do your research, but a designer on a site like is a good, inexpensive option to improve your lead magnet.


Why did Jesus come to the world? According to the Bible, He came to the world to reveal the Father, to be a witness of the Father.

As followers of Christ, what is our witness?

We too represent God for others. Our witness of Him to people is how we love others. When we honor, love, and respect others with our words and actions we are accurately reflecting how God sees them. By loving people, we are exposing the potential He put within them to be great, significant, and powerful people.

John [13:34]-35, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.”

So you’ve taken the discipleship classes and attended the cell groups, yet the assignment according to Christ is to LOVE one another.

Feature Presentation “15 Liberating Truths About Money”

Ever engage in “Wishcraft?” — How your beliefs either free you or enslave you and why “wishing it” doesn’t make it come true. [9:16]

Money is the root of all evil — How one misquoted, misunderstood principle has redefined value and what is fundamentally good with money. [10:00]

It takes money to make money — What if money is the product of creativity and you can create money out of nothing. Uncover this unique distinction of the USA — How America was the first government designed to help people make money. [11:10]

Money is “dirty,” it’s called “filthy lucre,” and people are “filthy rich,” — How our biases about money are revealed in our word choices. Why many believe the height of virtue is being poor — Discover how money doesn’t make you poor and poverty doesn’t make you holy. [12:54]

Discover how pride and snobbery are not limited to one social class — How hostility related to money may be quite different from what you expected. [13:00]

Rich people don’t get into Heaven — Why you need to read and understand the entire story of the Rich Young Ruler (before you give away all your possessions). [14:12]

Who gives us all good things to enjoy? — If money is a necessary evil and the best things in life are free, why does God bless us? [17:24]

Why it’s essential to examine your insecurity of who you are and how you see money (and your relationship to it). [18:38]

Discover whether formal education is a requirement for making money — How lack of education is an unfounded excuse for living in poverty. [19:26]

How to understand the nature of money and how to free yourself from the “burden” of money. [20:36]

What looks like hard work to one person looks like fun to another — Uncover the truth related to the “hard work” of making money. [21:20]

Why uncovering your premises and challenging your thinking about money and wealth is essential. [22:39]

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