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#065: Triple Your Productivity Tomorrow [Podcast]


Monday, December 12, 2022


Ray Edwards

What if you could reduce the hours you spend working by 50%, and yet still be three times as productive? What if you could do that starting tomorrow? You can. And that's what today show is all about-how to triple your productivity tomorrow.


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Tip Of the Week

Adobe Creative Cloud. Once upon a time, owning just Photoshop was a $500 investment. Now you can get every Adobe makes for about $50. Maybe less.

Spiritual Foundations

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm. Proverbs [13:20] (ESV)

For a couple of years I worked in the insurance business. I was very young, and I was the newest agent in the office. Al, the seasoned gray-headed veteran of the business, decided to take me under his wing. “

You'll get a lot of raw raw from management,” Al told me one day, “but I can show you how things really work around here. And you can make a lot of money.”

Pretty soon, I had begun to hang around Al and his buddies more often than not, and had begun to adapt their attitude. Cynical, jaded, laced with lots of sarcastic comments.

One day my manager, Frank, took me to lunch. As we were eating, he casually remarked, “I'm not sure hanging out without is in your best interest.”

“But he's just trying to help me,” I said. I was a bit naïve in those days. “And after all, he's got 30 years of experience with this company.”

Frank chuckled.

“No, Ray,” he said. “He's got one year of experience, and he's repeated it 30 times.”

Frank's comment had a real impact on me, because I instantly knew he was telling the truth. The next day, I decided to have my morning coffee with one of the younger agents in the office named Richard. Richard had been with the company only five years, but he was the top salesman in the office. Al's group of buddies regarded Richard with disdain, and now I knew why.

Who we hang out with, and whose wisdom we listen to, determines the kind of person we will become.

Feature Segment: Triple Your Productivity Tomorrow

Have you ever noticed that when you're going on vacation, the week before you leave is incredibly productive? Somehow you managed to get a couple of weeks ahead on your work, a couple of weeks ahead on all of your bill paying and chores around the house, you get your itinerary planned for the two week shall be on vacation, plus you get all the packing in preparation for the trip finished. How do you do that?

If you could harness that “magic”, you'd probably be three times as productive as you normally are. The good news is, I believe any of us can do exactly that. And on this show, I'm giving you a blueprint for how to wake up three times as productive tomorrow morning. Let's get started.

The 3X Productivity Blueprint

  • Do a mind sweep
  • Identify tomorrow's “must do's”
  • Put those on your task list, in order of priority
  • ​Store your mind sweep safely
  • ​Review tomorrow's appointments
  • ​Plan the time required to accomplish “must do's”
  • ​Go to bed early; get up early
  • ​First thing tomorrow, drink 16 ounces of water
  • ​Take time to connect with your creator, and your purpose
  • ​Exercise for 30 minutes
  • ​Arrive at work one hour earlier than normal
  • ​Focus on live number one from your list
  • ​Continue until complete; moved to next item
  • ​Short circuit interruptions today
  • ​Take a break, moved to the rest of your list
  • ​Deal with backlog
  • ​Have your “got a minutes”
  • ​Get to inbox zero
  • ​Deal with loose ends
  • ​Delegate everything left over
  • ​Make tomorrow's task list, plan tomorrow's schedule

Simply repeat this procedure every day from now on.

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