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DIRECT ACCESS to RAY… and to Ray’s Exclusive “Marketing Club”, which is your “One-Stop Shop” for how to sell more of WHATEVER you sell… and the power to make MAXIMUM MONEY in MINIMUM TIME

How It Helps You Save Time, Money, and Frustration…

  • FULL ACCESS to Ray’s Proprietary Marketing & Copywriting AI: This is the Copywriting AI which was designed by Ray for himself, and his team of writers and students. It's based on Ray's books, courses, swipe files, templates, and his copywriting principles. Because it's built on the PASTOR Copywriting Framework™, which is proprietary to Ray Edwards only, it makes writing copy faster, easier, and better than ever before. (Retail Value $1,997)
  • MONTHLY Live Ai Learning Lab. While the principles of marketing and selling do not change, because they are based on the human nervous system… the tactics and tools certainly do. This will be your one source of truth that will keep your feet firmly on the path, making certain you're using the useful and profitable technologies, and stop you from being distracted by the latest, shiny "toys". You can rest easy knowing that you're using AI appropriately to accelerate your business success(Retail Value $2,364)
  • Ray’s GOLDEN TICKET Vault Access to ALL his PREVIOUS Digital Courses. You're going to be like a kid in a candy store. These courses sold for prices of anywhere from $997 up to $10,000 each. You get access 3 courses right up front, and then every month you can pick two more courses to add to your library -- FREE. (Retail Value AT LEAST $9,970)
  • ​​PERSONAL COACHING: Get personalized, private coaching, one-on-one copy and marketing coaching and feedback. And you're probably asking, "Is this really individual coaching or is it Group coaching?" While you do get group coaching in this program, you also get private individual copy coaching - every month. (Retail Value $3,564)
  • ​MONTHLY Marketing Masterclass with Ray & Friends. Ray's contact list and his "behind-the-scenes backstage knowledge" both run very deep in this industry indeed. Every month we tap into both for your benefit, showing you the true "insider secrets" of 7-figure entrepreneurs. This alone is worth the price of membership.(Retail Value $2,364)
  • ​The All-NEW Ray Edwards Search Engine. The best way ever to "Borrow Ray's Brain." We've loaded everyone of Ray's courses, Q&A sessions, podcasts, YouTube videos, newsletters, etc. into this AI powered search engine. Now, if you want to know what Ray thinks about any subject, you can literally "read his mind". Because we uploaded it to the cloud. 
  • Plus MUCH, MUCH, More!

Who Is Ray and Why Should You Listen To Him?

Ray Edwards is a Communications Strategist, Copywriter, Speaker, and the author of the Bestselling "How to Write Copy That Sells". His podcast, The Ray Edwards Show, is
consistently one of the top-ranked shows in iTunes and has been downloaded over 2.1 million times. Ray has worked on copy and marketing with some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business. He's helped generate an estimated $1 Billion in revenue for clients like Tony Robbins, Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, Dan Miller, Jeff Goins, Jack Canfield, Frank Kern... and many more. He's been featured on,, and


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