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But before you go, I have a SPECIAL ONE-TIME OFFER for you.
Watch below for details.

Do You Have the Courage to Become a Million-Dollar Copywriter?

Retail Price $5,000

One Time Offer $2499

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If you want to make a significant income as a copywriter, then read every word on this page to discover the secrets of:

  • How to approach “copywriting as a business” (instead of as a lottery, which is how most rookies do it.)
  • Why you don’t need to be the “best” copywriter to be a “rich” Copywriter. (This does not mean you can just write crap and make big money… but you definitely don’t have to be Dostoyevsky!)
  • ​How to get clients now (and not just any clients, but clients who are ready, willing, and able to pay you premium rates – without complaint).
  • The best way to get paid. (This will keep cash in your bank account, and avoid the “feast or famine phenomena” almost all writers suffer from.)
  • ​The simple formula that makes answering the question, “What do you charge?” easier than you ever dreamed. (Imagine no more negotiating on rates – ever!)
  • A solid, workable plan for making a million dollars in a single year as a Copywriter. (I don’t guarantee you any income – but I can surely tell you what works for me. Admittedly, my results are not typical. But then… neither are my actions. Don’t you want to know how I do this?)

(By the way, even though I am describing the life of a writer, virtually all of what I'm about to share will work for any freelancer or any business owner.)

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From: Ray Edwards

49° North Latitude
Pacific Northwest United States

Dear Copywriting Friend,

If you secretly dream of making a nice, big income as a copywriter… if you desperately need a “Plan B” for money because you suddenly find yourself “downsized” … if you’re getting really nervous about all the buzz about “AI” (“Artificial Intelligence”, Chat-GPT and what-not) … if you’ve been “traded in” for a younger, cheaper model and find yourself with no job, no prospects, and no clue what to do

If you wish you could start a business which involves:

  • ​No capital outlay.
  • No business loan.
  • No office to lease. 
  • ​No employees.
  • ​No inventory.
  • ​Low overhead.
  • ​A freakishly huge profit margin.

Then this could be the most important, life-changing letter you’ve ever read. That’s a big claim, I know. But I think it’s true – for at least 12 of the thousands of people who are receiving this letter.

“C’mon Ray… ‘Million-Dollar Copywriter’ … REALLY?”

This whole subject seems slightly impolite to write about.

Like many, I was taught from my earliest years that it is impolite to talk about politics, religion, or money. I routinely violate all three of these directives, however, so this is not new territory for me. Let’s begin…

I am not writing to boost my own ego. I am writing to answer a very frequently-asked question: “How does a writer make a million dollars?”

This is a great question, because the industry income average for freelance copywriters is just under $5,000 per year.

My income last year was $1 Million.

One. Million. Dollars.

When someone asks me how, as a writer, I make a million dollars, they may not actually express this but what they really want to know is: “How does a guy who writesad copy, who has never published a book I've even heard of… how does that guy make a million dollars?”

And of course, ultimately, the real question burning inside of them (and maybe in your heart, too) is:

“Could I do that? Or even do half  that?”

That’s what people really want to know, and that’s what I’m ready to share with you.

I want to show you what I do, how I do it, and how you can copy every move.

But first…

The Truth About Being A Million-Dollar Copywriter

The first thing to know is this: I “fudged” a little on my income – it wasn’t really $1 million last year. The actual number is closer to $1.4 million.

The second thing to know is I didn’t get to keep most of it. Where did it go? There are certain expenses you will encounter, like:

  • ​The IRS and the State of Washington got their portions, of course.
  • ​Affiliate commissions.
  • ​Vendors and independent contractors
  • ​Other business expenses.
  • ​There are the medical expenses related to my little neurological disorder.
  • ​Plus we finished paying off all consumer debt, which at its height topped $400,000. (I’m actually embarrassed by this. I learned a lot from the mistakes which landed me in so much debt – perhaps I’ll share more about that journey at the upcoming workshop.)

But even after all that… well… let's say we do just fine. We are firmly entrenched in the much-discussed “one percent”.

With all that out of the way… do you still want to be a million- dollar copywriter? Do you, in fact, have the courage it requires?

Then you may be interested in joining me for Copywriting as a Million-Dollar Business… a 3-day workshop, right here in my hometown…

Introducing the “Copywriting as a Million-Dollar Business” Workshop… Set Up Your Million-Dollar Writing Business In Just 3 Days…

June 20-22, 2023, in Spokane Washington…

I am taking a small group of people through my entire scientific system… thoroughly revised and updated for the age of artificial intelligence (putting those supposedly nasty AI’s to work for you, building your fortune) … and I'll be showing you every step needed to start, run, and grow your own million-dollar copywriting business, using my strategies and tactics in your own business. Here's what you get:

  • Three full days of teaching from me and my team. There are no other speakers, just us (mainly me) and we will be intently focused on this one subject.
  • How to Cash In on the AI “Gold Rush” Before it’s Over. We are currently inside a “magic window” during which you can make a small fortune using the power of artificial intelligence. Exclusively in this workshop, you discover how most people are completely missing the boat, and how you can do the opposite and cash in.
  • Discover Your Unique Voice. This is hugely important, but should not take you years of “paying your dues” to figure out. We have a method for this that compresses decades into days.
  • Lay a Solid Foundation. I'll give you all the “pieces of the puzzle” that you need to succeed in your copywriting business. 
  • The 4 Keys to Running Your Million-Dollar Copywriting Business. These are the Four Distinctive Differences between what I do and nearly all other writers do – and this is why they are broke and I am not.
  • The 9 Income Streams Every Copywriter Must Set Up. No matter what market you serve as a Copywriter, you can (and should) set up these 9 different income streams ASAP.
  • How to Implement the 3 Prosperity Principles. Until you get this trinity of truths implanted deep into the core of your daily thinking and actions, you will continue to struggle with lack of money, lack of freedom, and lack of time to fix the problem.
  • The Secret to My Productivity. Once again, I will take you on a counter-intuitive journey that will fly in the face of what nearly all “productivity experts” are telling you. My approach is different – which is why it works. 
  • Client Attraction vs. Client Pursuit. Once and for all, put an end to the desperate scramble for business. Set things up so that clients are pursuing you, and the more you tell them “no”, the more they feel they “must” have you… and the more they are willing to pay.
  • The 7 Client Attraction Magnets That Bring You Business. These are a required ingredient in “the secret sauce” that makes this whole thing work… but virtually nobody uses any of them correctly. After we spend 3 days together, you will be using all 7 and you will be using them in the right way.
  • Why You Can (and Should) Charge 10 TIMES the Rates of Other Copywriters it.. I know you've heard “you should charge more” until you're sick of it. What you need to understand is why it's better for your clients if you do, and also how to ask more – and then actually get
  • How to Structure Copywriting Deals. I'll show you my “earned-through scars” set of rules for setting up deals that will make you money, and keep you protected from unscrupulous clients.
  • The Client-Getting System That Works Like Crazy. Ah, this is the MAGIC… a sustainable, self-funding system that consistently brings a flow of prime customers to your door – so you can pick and choose who to work with.

You’re Getting My Own “Business In a Box” – With Permission to Copy

(I’m Even Going to Help You!)

It’s important to keep in mind I’m not just giving you theory – this is all the stuff I actually do that generates my revenue.

And only about 20% of what I’m going to share with you is even visible from the outside.

Anyone who tries to simply “reverse engineer” my business from what they see me doing publicly is going to hit the 80% of the iceberg that’s under the water, and their boat is going to sink real quick.

None of This Is Taught in my Copywriting Academy. You Have Not Seen This Before.

This is not a duplication of any material I have taught before.

This is all-new, and most of it involves secrets I have kept to myself until now…

Including all the business-building, profit-increasing, life-enhancing benefits of using AI to accelerate your success as a copywriter (or as an entrepreneur or business owner of any kind).

I am currently buried in working on and refining all the new material for this workshop, because I intend to change the lives of the fortunate 12 who get a seat in this event.

So if you are hoping for me to spend time teaching stuff from the Copywriting Academy, you’ll be disappointed. That's not what this is about.

My Goal Is To Make YOU INTO ONE OF 12 Millionaires

My intention is to directly impart to you the so-called “magic” that makes a million-dollar income happen. Now, that is not the typical result. It’s highly unusual and rare.

It’s also definitely not magic - it’s method.

And my lofty, probably impossible goal is that 12 “Writing Disciples” walk into this workshop, and 12 “Millionaires in the Making” walk out.

Even more audacious: my further ambition is that each of the 12 actually is a Millionaire within 12 months of leaving the workshop.

Yes, I know.


But in the immortal words of Walt Disney: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

And just think about it… what if it works?

What You’re Getting During These Three Days

  • Low-theory, high-implementation factor. My goal for you is that you walk away with a complete Million-Dollar Copywriting Business Strategic Plan and Tactical Implementation Guide, customized for your business before you leave.
  • How to adapt and use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build your business even more rapidly -- and more easily -- than ever before possible. In all my years on this planet, I have never seen an opportunity like this one and I’m going to tell you everything I know about how you can use it for your benefit.
  • A complete system for all the kinds of copywriting you will do: books, manifestos, small reports, blog posts, email campaigns, articles, social media updates, press releases, newsletters… Copywriting is any kind of communication that can influence and change markets and minds.
  • I don't just tell you howhave done this… I'll share examples from professional mainstream authors, politicians, spiritual leaders, and other powerful influencers… Show you exactly what they're doing and why… And explain how you can duplicate their methods in your Copywriting Business.
  • ​You get my unique, nothing-left-to-chance business “action grid”… Showing you how to take the strategic pieces and deploy them in a powerful, effective way that moves people along the continuum toward paying you huge sums of money for your copywriting.
  • My input on the material you produce. One of the reasons we are keeping this workshop small is so you can write a few key, foundational pieces (under my guidance)… and then deploy them a hundred different ways, using a unique Fractal Writing Method™ – and so I can devote personal attention to your writing, help you strengthen it for maximum effectiveness. 
  • A complete Strategic Copywriting Blueprint for your business… Which means you get a systematic, no- questions-left-over, step-by-step plan and calendar for how to start, run, and grow your copywriting business.
  • My personal, hand-curated swipe file of Strategic Copywriting examples, which you can use as idea generators, thought starters, and guidelines.
  • ​A full year of VIP access to our exclusive new AI copywriting software (with unlimited use). This is an actual real world retail value of $3564 and it’s yours as our gift to you for attending this workshop.
  • Exercises designed to install the skills and thinking patterns of a Million Dollar Copywriter into your nervous system. This becomes not just something you “do”… But rather something you “are”. It's like installing the language patterns of Million-Dollar Copywriters directly into your brain.
  • The 9 distinct Strategic reasons for approaching any writing as Copywriting. Knowing these reasons for approaching all your writing as a Copywriter first and foremost will remove the anxiety you may have felt in the past about what to write. Never fear the blank page again.
  • The most important thing you MUST know about your customers. And it's not their age, their income, or the usual “demographics” most marketers think are so important. This goes at least three levels deeper. And then your Copywriting Clients will be convinced you're reading their mind.
  • 5 tactical necessities of Copywriting. Think of these as five lenses that focus your copywriting for particular purposes; without the lenses, everything you do will just be blurry and out of focus. This is the one big reason why you have not met with the copywriting success you crave – yet.
  • ​The power of being the Pre-eminent Prophet for your market. I used the weird word – “Prophet” – on purpose. In my world, “Prophecy” is not about predicting the future (foretelling)… it's about crafting a You will be the and better future (forth-telling). People fear the former kind of Prophet, but they revere the latter.
  • The unique Power of Story and how to use it by your prospects. There is a way to tell stories that influence the core beliefs of your audience, and you will learn my approach during these two days.. This goes far beyond the ham-handed, amateurish and clichéd method of using stories that most copywriters use and teach. Those old, tired techniques are obvious, clumsy, and easily-resisted

Is This Right For You?
Are You “Good Enough” Yet?

You most assuredly are…

If you are a competent writer. If you can write a Facebook post about your family reunion…

If you have ever written a yearly “Christmas Letter” to your family…

Or if you can write a business memo … or even if you can simply write an intelligible email with most of the punctuation correctly placed…

Then I believe you can quickly become a high-value, high-income copywriter.

A Million-Dollar Copywriter, even.

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Imagine Life With a Million Dollar Copywriting Business

What will it be like? How will you feel when:

  • You can work 3 months out of the year, and take the other 9 months off.
  • ​Or, if you want to hustle you can work all year for a full 10-20 hours a week, and maximize your income
  • You work only when you want to.
  • ​You accept only projects and work you love.
  • You don’t have to work with or for manipulative jerks and bulliesever again.
  • ​You can take time on whenever you want, without asking anyone’s permission.
  • You can fully fund your retirement (even though you are building a life you will never want to “retire from”!)
  • ​You can spend more time with those you love). (and stop spending any time with those you merely tolerate for a paycheck

It’s Not Just About Income, It’s Also About Impact

If you want the power to shape opinions, create desire, and connect with your prospects and customers at a deeper more significant level…

If you want the ability to sell more products while doing less “pitching”…

If you want to make more revenue and more profits, while spending less on advertising and affiliate commissions…

And if you want to spread your message in a way that is significant, and a powerful force for good in the lives of your readers…

Then you should do whatever is necessary to get yourself to this workshop.


If you want the Copywriter's Life – here's your opportunity. Don't blow it.

krakenimages-Y5bvRlcCx8k-unsplash jpg

12 Lives Will Change at This Workshop.
Will YOU Be One of The 12?

I feel strongly this is the most significant training I have ever done.

And I believe that lives will be changed as a result of our coming together in Spokane.

If the only thing this does for you is give you the ability create even 1/10th of a million dollars ($100,000)… it would be worth twenty times the investment required.

If the only thing this did for you was to allow you to stop doing all of the various, unfocused, frenetic, time-consuming stuff that you currently do… as you try desperately to figure out the right “magic marketing technique”… or the right “ninja career move”…

If the only thing this did for you was to allow you to focus on the ONE thing (Copywriting as a business)… this workshop would be worth many times more than the actual tuition.

If the only thing attending this workshop did for you was attract more of the right kind of customers into your Copywriting life, and filter out the “problem children” (the whining, complaining, cheating, professional refunders, bullies, and manipulators) … then this workshop would be worth at least 20 times the price tag.

But the workshop doesn't do any single one of those things for you…


I Have Only Taught ANY of This To 23 People… And May Never Teach It Again.

I have taught this system to a grand total of … 23 people.

And I have never taught this entirely new updated system to anyone. Ever.

I am not sure if I'll ever teach it again (I will explain exactly why at the workshop itself.).

Just know that this very well could be your only chance to ever learn this material.

Yes, we are recording it… but I currently have no plans to sell those recordings. The only people who are going to get these recordings are the people who are actually in attendance at the workshop. (And no, there is no “virtual” option. You have to be committed enough to yourself to show up here in person to be part of this workshop.)

It's my decision to make. And that's my plan for right now.

So, if you want to be sure that you get this training, and the recordings, you must choose to attend the workshop June 20-22, 2023.

We only have a handful of seats available, and the clock is ticking.

When the room fills up (I have seats for just 12 and no more)… or when the clock runs out… whichever comes first… then means your chance will be gone.

Why This Workshop Shouldn’t Cost You a SINGLE PENNY

This should cost you nothing.

It should MAKE you money.

It should be an investment that pays you back immediately (if you implement the way I instruct you).

And while I’m not promising that will happen (for one reason, I have no idea what you will or will not be willing to do), I intend for some (if not all 12) of the people at the workshop to earn back their investment within less than 30 days.

All it takes is
one single client to give you more than 100% of your investment back.

The investment for the workshop is $4,999 payable in a single payment. There is no payment plan.

There are only 12 seats available. Once those 12 are filled, we will stop taking registrations.

You’re Totally Protected By My No-HASSLE, Ironclad... All-Your-Money-Back Guarantee.

It’s very simple, and shouldn’t need much explanation.

Attend day one of the workshop.

Let us help you map out your Business Model. Learn the basics of the system. Borrow my brain for the day.

And if at the end of the first day... after you've attended every session... if you are not 100% surprised and delighted... if this is not everything that I said it would be... simply ask, and I will give you a 100% refund. On the spot.

Simply hand in your workbook and other class materials, we will hand you a check, and we will part as friends.

And Here’s Your Astonishingly Useful FREE BONUS PACKAGE

I want to make this a no-brainer for you. So you’re also going to receive:

  • One Full Year of Access to Our Premium AI Copywriting Software. We are gifting you a VIP account which means you get unlimited use. The real world value of this bonus is $3,564. And you’ll be using the software during the workshop.
  • My Contracts and Agreements. I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not giving legal advice, but I will share the Agreements and Contracts I use every day in my business.
  • My “Millionaire Toolbox”. All the tools, services, and software we use to run our business. And don’t worry – while we show you all the paid services we use ourselves, we also share free and low-cost alternatives.
  • Million-Dollar Marketing Timeline Worksheet. You’ll know exactly what marketing you’re going to use and when, for the next TWELVE MONTHS, to get that river of endless prospects flowing into your business.

Secure Your Place Among The Elite 12 at the Copywriting as a Million-Dollar Business Workshop

By now are you ready to say, “YES, Ray! I want to become a Million-Dollar Copywriter! When I register now for the low, one-time investment of just $4,999 … I get all of the following”

  • Three-Day Live Workshop. I am getting three days with Ray and his team in a small group setting, where Ray will transfer to me the skills, systems, and tools I need to set up my Copywriting Business.
  • Materials, Samples, and Examples Provided. I will receive my Workbook and Samples Book, as well as other surprise materials.
  • Ray's Never-Seen-Before, Hand-Curated Elite Swipe File. Ray has assembled an intentional collection of Strategic Million Dollar Writing from some of the masters of the form, and I'm getting a copy of this “swipe file”… plus, Ray will show me how to ethically use this file without stealing anyone else's material…
  • Exercises And Work Periods. I will actually be doing writing in the workshop, and leave with key “chunks” of my material already written… and the absolute certainty that I will be able to continue writing once the workshop is over.
  • Critiquing And Strengthening of My Material. Ray brings his insight, input, feedback, and ideas to my material and positioning, and helps me improve and strengthen it. This alone is worth the price of the workshop.
  • Ray's Publishing Grid. A master structure that helps me publish the different kinds of Strategic Writing in a way that addresses all the psychological needs and hot buttons of my market.
  • My Very Own Strategic Copywriter Blueprint. A carefully laid-out action plan for how to launch (or re-launch) my Million Dollar Copywriting Business, no matter what niche I happen to serve or want to work in.
  • Direct Instruction From Ray and His Team. I’m getting step-by-step guided instruction from Ray himself as he looks over my shoulder and helps me strengthen and improve my Copywriting Business Plan. Select members of “Team Ray” will also be on hand to help me.
  • Premium VIP Access to Ray’s exclusive AI Copywriting Software. I understand we will be using the software to do much of our work in the workshop faster than humanly possible. I also understand I get full access to the software for an entire year and no additional charge.
  • Audio Recordings of the Workshop. These are for my benefit as an attendee of the workshop. Ray is making an audio record of the entire proceedings, and I will get a copy of the recordings at no additional charge.

It's Decision Time

You’re standing at the crossroads.

Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling on so far… it’s rough, uphill, rocky, and full of pain and toil.

On the right, the road less traveled.

It’s smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to finally stop “talking” the big game…

… and start PLAYING the big game!

Choose the right road.

Let’s walk that road together.

Click here to register before all the seats are gone.

No thanks, I just want the course today.

To Your Prosperity,

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12 26 23 PM png

P.S. One year from today, you will certainly “arrive”. The real question iswhere? If you want to be somewhere different than where you are now, you’ll have to do something different than what you’re currently doing. Take the first step toward a different future, and secure your seat today. Let's work together on your Million Dollar Copywriting Business.


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