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Breaking Through Writer's Block

I have to be honest. I don't believe in “writer's block”. You shouldn't either. I think it's a myth. Worse, I think it's an excuse for just not doing your job. I’m not saying that it isn’t sometimes difficult to sit down and start writing. It often is difficult, for one reason or another.

Free Photography Course for Marketers

Okay, this free course on digital photography is not only for marketers, but it is the best introduction to the subject I have seen anywhere. And you can't beat the price. Not only will you learn about how to compose and create compelling photos for use in your marketing… you might even learn a thing or two about how to create a loyal following online. Heck, if you had a loyal following online, you might even be able to sell something to people. Hmmm…

Do Copywriting Templates Work?

There are a number of products available that offer copwyriting “templates” (which most take to mean “fill in the blanks”). Do these templates work? And are they a cost-effective alternative to hiring a copywriter (or becoming a better one)?

Short Sales Copy For Expensive Seminar

Fortin has cause a big stir with his report on “The Death of the Salesletter”. Get it. Read it. It's not a come-on for something else, there's no “squeeze page”, and no “hidden launch” of some other product.

How I Got the #1 Lens on Squidoo

I asked for it. Seth Godin was looking for someone to take over the Z List lens. I volunteered. I want to do my best to make this lens as good as it can possibly be — so your input is valuable. Take a look, add your own site, vote. Thanks! Click here to see The Z List on Squidoo.

Do You Want Attitude With That?

Seth points to a spooky McDonald's employee training video from the seventies (via Robin). Seth notes that the video didn't solve the problem. I agree that motivational videos don't get the job done. The question is: what will?

Charity Begins With a Wish

The holidays are a time when we tend to be warmer in our dealings with people, and more charitable in our giving to those in need. In the Marketing DJ Podcast, I play a song that sums up my feelings on this; it's called If Every Day Were Christmas.

What I Learned From My Blind Dog

My dog Scooter has gone blind. At first it was heartbreaking. Watching him bump into things, and then seeing him withdraw, sit still for long periods of time… It made me wonder what he must be thinking.

How to Decide What To Sell Online

“Ray, what do I sell online? How do I decide?” This is a question I am asked often

Can I Ask You A Question (or two)?

I'm doing a survey of my subscribers (like you)…

3 Mistakes That Kill Copy

There are 3 mistakes made by most advertising copy I see that depress sales and response. Correct these mistakes and increase your sales.

South America Now Seems Interesting

Without going into a lot of detail, my sudden interest in South American comes from this: my 20-year-old son decided that before he heads back to college this Fall, he's taking a 3-week trip South America.

Being Open To Life

I got a call from a potential new client. We'll call him Drew (not his real name). Drew seemed tentative, nervous, and naive. I immediately classified him in my mind as someone who was not a client for me. I fully expected to scare him away with my requirements for my clients, the intricacy of the process and what I expected in the way of information to write his copy…and if none of that worked, I was certain my price would end the conversation.

Love And Lost Dogs

We have 3 little dogs, and we love them. 2 of them are Pugs. Yesterday, while I was at my office writing, they escaped from our back yard. My wife called me, in tears, to tell me they were gone and she couldn't find them. I dashed home without a second thought to help search the neighborhood.

One Simple Trick To Strengthen Your Copy

Want to make your copy stronger with one simple “trick”? Eliminate all the adverbs. What's an adverb?

Is Your Copy Filled With Hype?

Do you worry that your copy might be too “hypey”? defines “hype” as: “an ingenious or questionable claim, method, etc., used in advertising, promotion, or publicity to intensify the effect.” One of the additional definitions is: “a swindle, deception, or trick”.


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