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RV Revolution!

For many people, RVing has become a way of life. Embracing RVing as a lifestyle can offer unparalleled freedom, flexibility, and adventure on the open road.

The RV Lifestyle…

It's Freedom

Go. Anywhere. Anytime.
With all the comforts of home.

It’s Adventure

Nature. Recreation. Interesting Sights.
Right out your front door.

It’s Family

Your family. Together. Making Memories.
And your new family of camping friends – some of the nicest people anywhere!

Jump on board the RV Revolution!
Build and strengthen your most important relationships.
And make memories you will talk about FOREVER!

We don’t know about you, but we feel like we are constantly fighting against life as it is these days.

Life is… complicated. It’s busy. Noisy. Rushed. Feels like your family is pulled in so many directions. Maybe some of your family even lives in another part of the country and you barely see them.

You want to get out of the craziness. You want a change of scenery. You want to relax. You want to be with your loved ones. You want to see the sights. And you don’t want to feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.

But when you try to plan a vacation or even a short getaway, the process can be complicated, frustrating, and expensive.

The RV Revolution gives you a weapon against that craziness.

The RV Revolution offers you The RV Lifestyle – an easy, affordable way to GO together, BE together and ENJOY life together. Without risky travel arrangements (hello cancelled flights and long TSA lines!) overbooked hotels or complicated camping setups (not everyone enjoys sleeping in tents and using outdoor bathrooms.)


We’re Seasoned VETERANS…

(yes… literal veterans – Tim is a retired Navy Seal)

We’re also veterans of the RV & camping lifestyle – for 20+ years. We know the ins and outs of camping with an RV.

We know what’s important, what’s critical, and what’s just plain nice to have. We’ve probably seen and heard everything you could possibly experience with camping. The good, the bad AND the ugly.

And we have stories. SO MANY stories!

  • Funny stories – you’d almost have to have been there to believe them
  • Heartwarming stories – hanging out by the camper at night, chasing fireflies and watching movies on an outdoor screen.
  • “I can’t believe we survived that” stories – the cautionary tales
  • Hiding out from a huge rainstorm in the camper, making s’mores and playing board games together.
  • Mom taking the kids on adventures while Dad was deployed and away from the family.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime trips, taken more than once, just because you could

We’ve gone before you.

Now we want to make your road to the RV Lifestyle easy & stress-free!

We’re not your average RV dealership.

We work hard to give you the experience you’d have if your favorite uncle Camping Joe walked you through the process (not your crazy Cousin Eddie!) to make sure you felt prepared and confident to camp in your RV.


  • ​Listen to you

    We want you to get what YOU want, not what we’re trying to move off our lot.
  • ​Give you honest advice
We’ll tell you if we think you need something different or additional to stay safe or have the experience you’re looking for – but the choice is always up to you
  • ​Make sure everything in your unit works before we give it to you
We try out every system, flush and fill the tanks…. so you don’t get stuck with a lemon!
  • ​Give you a full walkthrough of your unit AND teach you drive it
We’ll help you be a confident camper, so you are safe & have fun, from the very first time.
  • ​Answer the phone after you’ve left our lot
If you have questions, problems, or just need a review, we’re here to help!


  • ​Pressure You to Buy
  • ​Try to get you to buy more than you need (or want)
  • ​Sell you just an RV – we sell you an EXPERIENCE… and the RV that will take you there.
  • ​Send you off with a pile of still shrink-wrapped manuals & hope you figure it out
  • ​Leave you hanging when you have problems or questions

Myths about the
RV Lifestyle abound...

But not everything you hear is true.

Top 10 RV Myths Debunked

  • RVing is “cheating” – it’s not really camping

    Camping is about enjoying the outdoors. There are many ways to be outside. There is no right or wrong. If sleeping in your RV is your preference, there is no reason to believe you are less of a camper than someone who sleeps in a tent.

  • ​You have to stay in an RV Park
    While RV Parks are great to stay in, many RVers choose state parks, national campgrounds or even remote off-grid spots. Some even park their RVs on family property while visiting.

  • RV’s are expensive
    RVs come in many shapes and sizes, and with varying price tags. There is a wide price range, and you are likely to find one that fits in your budget. People upgrade and trade in their RVs all the time, and despite what you might think, a used RV is often in terrific shape, with many years of life left in it. 
  • You need a commercial license to drive an RV

    Some motorhomes and towables are quite large, but they do not require a commercial license to drive.

  • RV maintenance is expensive
    With an RV, you get a two-for-one – a residence that can go anywhere. Just like your house, your RV will require regular maintenance. The good news is that you can plan ahead for maintenance and prepare for unexpected expenses with things like Roadside Assistance or Extended Service Plans.
  • There’s too many steps to remember when setting up camp
The old adage is true – it’s just like riding a bike… once you learn, you will never forget how. There are quite a few steps, it’s true, but once you learn them, they become second nature. It really isn’t too much. You can even make a checklist to be certain you aren’t missing anything.

  • RV’s Aren’t Good Living Spaces for Pets
    Our pets love adventure too. With a little research, you can create an interior space your pet will love and find pet-friendly campgrounds that will welcome your furry friends.
  • RVing limits you to basic meals
Cooking in an RV can be whatever you want it to be – crockpot meals, grilling outside or using your fully functional indoor kitchen. Meals can be basic or exciting. One thing you can take advantage of while camping is the local farmer’s market. Go shopping and bring home some delicious fresh food to cook up in your RV kitchen!
  • You can’t bake in an RV oven
There is an art to mastering the RV oven, it’s true. RV ovens are often smaller, so it may take some experimentation to master times and temperatures. It may be a little different than baking in your regular residence. But you can do it – and turn out delicious meals and snacks from your RV oven.
  • RV’s don’t have space to entertain guests
There are RVs designed for couples, families and for solo travel. There are RVs with bunkhouse floorplans and separate rooms to accommodate extra overnight guests. RVs with outdoor kitchens, awnings and the right patio lighting can be perfect for entertaining guests.


61% of Americans plan a vacation in an RV in 2023

Interest in camping is on the rise
#vanlife on IG surpassed 14.2 million followers this year

Over 11% of US households own a recreational vehicle 
(11.2 million households)

Gen-Z and Millennials Make up 22% of all new camper owners

The RV Revolution is….

- Families of all types
- Empty Nesters
- Retirees
- Contract Workers

Join The RV Revolution

The RV Lifestyle… will change you forever!




Build and strengthen your most important relationships.
And make memories you will talk about FOREVER!

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