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Hi there!

We’re Tim & Jacqueline Loen, owners of Chesapeake RV Solutions. We love camping with our family and friends! It’s been a part of our lives for so long that now it is in our blood. And we’re passing it down. We took our children camping regularly, and now we are introducing the 3rd generation of Loens to the RV Life.

The beautiful RV life found us…

We didn’t start out as RVers. (Well, Jacqueline had some RV experience growing up in the 1970’s. But that’s another story...) In our early married years, we tent camped and enjoyed it very much. But as our 3 children came along, we decided to upgrade to more “accommodating” accommodations. We got a pop-up camper, upgraded to a travel trailer, and then the RV Life found us. We started out with a Class A motor home, then to a fifth wheel toy hauler. Now we roll in our new favorite RV – the Dynamax Super C Isata 5.

Our vacations have always centered on camping. Our family of five camped and RVed throughout Tim’s Navy career. Tim taught Jacqueline how to drive our Class A camper in a local school parking lot, so she and the kids were able to enjoy camping even while Tim was deployed. Then she learned how to drive the towable vehicles too. Now she loves being able to encourage women (and men!) who are nervous about driving a motorhome, travel trailer or 5th Wheel that if she can do it, they can too!

Camping is our favorite way to relax! There is a whole culture around camping, and we have met so many nice people. It’s like having a second family!

And then this beautiful life became our Retirement Plan!

We started Chesapeake RV Solutions because we just couldn’t imagine a better way to spend our professional lives than to share our passion of RVing with others and help them enjoy it too. In fact, it became our long-term plan for after Tim retired from the Navy. We just always knew we would own our own RV business.

We opened the dealership in 2003. And here we are, still living the life!

We’re NOT your typical dealership

At Chesapeake RV Solutions, we pride ourselves on the “at-home” atmosphere of our dealership.

We are family owned. Some of our actual family – our daughter Candace and Jacqueline’s brother Dale – works here with us. And it may sound like a cliché, but our whole dealership team really does feel like family.

We want our customers to feel like family too. We value the opportunity to create a long-term relationship with you and be part of YOUR RV Family. It makes us all smile when we get to hear about lasting memories you make with your families, like the ones we have made with ours.

Chesapeake RV Solutions is located in Virginia near the North Carolina border, serving the entire Tidewater area and beyond. We are proud to carry a large selection of both new and pre-owned RVs. Our team – in every department – is well trained and highly experienced. So, whether you are purchasing an RV or handling ongoing maintenance and customization, you can feel like you have a trusted friend in Chesapeake.

A stress-less buying experience

We work hard to take the stress out of getting your RV. We’ve done the groundwork for you, searching out the best-built units in the industry and stocking them all right here on our lot. No matter your budget, level of camping experience or the features you’re looking for, there’s something here for you!

Our salespeople know every unit we sell inside and out. And they are experienced campers themselves. They’ll listen to your hopes and dreams for camping, along with your budget and other considerations. And then they’ll pinpoint a short list of models that best meet your needs. You won’t have to spend all day looking through every model we have – you can focus on just those few units. Your decision practically makes itself!

No stress after the sale either!

No RV leaves the lot without our famous 30-point inspection. We go through everything to make sure it all works – we even flush and fill the tanks to check for leaks. Then we take you through RV 101. You’ll know how everything works and what to do when you get to your campsite. And we’ll teach you to drive or tow your RV too. Some dealerships charge for all these services. But we don’t. We want you to leave the lot confident and ready to hit the road and camp like a champ!

Service at Chesapeake is done right on the spot! When you need repairs, you don’t want to have to ship your RV somewhere or kill a day driving hours just to drop it off. At Chesapeake, we have RVTI-Certified RV Technicians on site – some of them have reached Level IV and are Master Technicians. Our Techs will get to the root of any issue and get you back on the road. And with an extensive RV parts inventory managed by our knowledgeable parts team, there’s a good chance what you need is already in stock. No waiting for parts to ship!

We aren’t your average dealership. Whether you're looking for a new or used RV, are ready to upgrade your current camper, or need quality parts and service… come see us for superior service and selection… and a hassle-free, stressless experience!

Call us at (757) 432-0222 or come see us today!
 Enjoy superior service and selection!
Let us help you create MEMORIES you will talk about FOREVER!

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