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The person I can help has these qualities: flexibility, solvency, and readiness.

Technically, solvency should be the number one characteristic of a great client; however, anyone I work with must understand the meaning of flexibility. Otherwise, we will both be frustrated. This means that from the very conception of the project to the final decision, things can and most likely will be fluid. In copywriting, product launching, and in life things don’t always go as planned. A willingness to adapt is a must.

Solvency is a big issue, though. There’s little worse than negotiating with a person who doesn’t have the purchasing power to complete a project! Working with Copy By Carol requires an upfront payment, a possible monthly payment, and if required, a residual percentage of the income you make using our services.

My time is valuable and so is yours! I am a quick start on the Kolby and a high D on the Disk, and even though I am a romantic at heart (Enneagram), I am excessively task-oriented (that’s a three on C. Tuttle’s Energy Type). I am NOT interested in conceptualizing distant products and launches. I am ready to go and usually two steps ahead of my client.

To recap, flexibility, solvency, and readiness are the outstanding characteristics of the person I can help the most. I’ve got answers that work!