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AI For Copywriters™

How Copywriters and Marketers Can Use AI 

to Make $10,000 per Month NOW!

Our AI copywriting class is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to improve their writing skills and take their career to the next level.

You’ll learn proven strategies and techniques for creating effective copy, as well as how to use AI tools to streamline your writing process and save time.

“Feel The Love”
VIP Experience Includes:

  • Personal Copy Coaching For You and Your Business (Value $3000)
  • Mindset Coaching (Value $3,564)
  • Copy Critique Calls (Value $4,764)
  • ​General Q&A Calls (Value $4,764)​
  • ​Access to Our Private Community of Entrepreneurs and Marketing Pros (Value $3,564)
  • ​Fresh Marketing Content Every Month AND Coaches to Help You Personalize it for Your Business (Value $4,764)
  • ​Copywriting Academy (Value $1,997)
  • ​The Sales Copy System (Value $1,997)​
  • ​Monthly Marketing Templates (Value $4,764)
  • ​Digital Product Vault (Value $21,000)​

PLUS these

  • BONUS: Early Access to my BRAND NEW AI Copywriting Software Beta ($1,164 Value)
  • BONUS​: A FREE Ticket to TCA Live Online SUMMER 2023 ($1,994 Value)



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Members also receive...


A BRAND NEW Breakthrough AI Copywriting Software to Help You Write Copy that Sells 10X FASTER

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"You need to change the A in AI to be addicted because I’m addicted to this software. It’s incredible."

"My biggest challenge right now is knowing what to eliminate because I’m generating so much awesome content. I don’t know what to cut out...I’m an artist. I love drawing and sketching. It’s freeing me up to do that creativity, and not spend so much time on the writing parts trying to sell my my course."

– Jason Nicholas

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"I have the tools and confidence now..."

– Lisa Cosentino

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"This community is amazing!"

– Sheena McKinney

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"The 1-on-1 copy critique coaching call helped me get un-stuck, gave easy to incorporate feedback..."

– Jill Jensen

Here is How we designed the program for you

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Discover the AI-Driven Writing Tool That Takes Your Copy To The Next Level

This powerful app makes it easy to write highly effective copy that is tailored to your specific needs. You get a comprehensive set of features that make it easier to use the PASTOR framework, such as a keyword-driven search engine, an AI-based writing assistant, and an advanced editing tool.

  • Make Writing Copy Easier than Ever Before with This Powerful App
  • Get Unstuck with AI-Based Writing Assistance and Comprehensive Features
  • Craft Compelling Copy That Resonates With Your Audience Using This Easy-to-Use Tool

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