Your business will live or die based on how your prospects see the solutions you're selling…

• Hit them with a sales pitch, and 64 out of 100 will walk away (33 more will run.)
• Talk about your company's founding and prospects will keep searching for someone who can help them.
•Paint a picture of how people used your solution to dowse their burning problems, and now you've got their attention.

What happens next is crucial…

Like a Hollywood director choreographing the opening scenes of a movie, designing how your solution is revealed is what separates an excited market from an indifferent one.

The opening sequence of your marketing is everything.

This is where Brian Stachurski can help you.

Since 2013, Brian has worked with online and offline businesses to create marketing systems that prime their audience for the sales message…

Through messaging in funnels, email sequences, and sales copy, prospects are guided to your solution in a way that they enjoy, appreciate, and that pre-frames them for the solution you offer.

Brian's guidance, systems, and messaging has resulted in millions of dollars of revenue for his clients–and it all starts with mapping out how a market is introduced to a solution.

In a way, by the time prospects talk to your team, they're rooting for you– they're hopeful and excited for the solution your company will offer them.

And whether these prospects buy online, or are asked to join a call with a member of your team, they will be ready to take next steps with your company.