Your brand or business deserves to be heard! And that means…marketing!

But if your marketing is boring or confusing, people will click right on past. They’ll never know how much what you have to offer can change their lives.

You’ve probably tried to write your own marketing copy. But it’s a struggle. Marketing and writing are not your thing.

And that’s OK! You shouldn’t have to do it all. You can call in a PRO!

As a Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter, I am skilled in the latest and most effective methods of writing copy. Why does this matter? Because…


• The right words clarify your message so people will listen
• The right words tell stories that keep your readers engaged
• The right words help people make decisions that are in their best interest

Marketing done right is aimed directly at your client. It creates a picture that shows them what their life will look like when their problem is solved. Working with an expert copywriter gets the right words in the right place…so people call YOU when they’re ready to buy.

Need copy for a new or revamped website, lead magnet, or sales page?

Need help with blog or social media posts?

Trying to figure out an email sequence that will keep people engaged and lead them to buy?

Click below to connect with me. I’m ready to help your business get the attention it deserves!

Beth Moore is the founder of BMoore|Connected

Get the words right on your website…and everywhere else!

She specializes in design strategy and content for websites, blogs & educational content, and direct response copy for businesses with technical or specialized products.