Antoine McCoy is a freelance copywriter, specializing in the education sector. He is a National Board Certified Teacher who has taught in public and private schools. As a 20+ year veteran teacher, Antoine understands and can communicate to the unique needs of teachers, students, and parents through his persuasive, conversational writing style.

As you well know, the world of education is unique with a culture on its own. Being immersed in this world for over 2 decades, Antoine is ideally suited to speak the specific language that motivates parents, educators, and students to loyally enroll in your educational institution or buy your product or service.

As an alumnus of a few elite private schools, Antoine has walked in the shoes of a prospective student.

As a K-12 educator, he also understands the benefits educational products and services can provide to help teachers be more effective in the classroom, directly impacting student outcomes.

Antoine's background and experience in the education arena-coupled with his writing skill set-display a unique ability to serve you and your clients' needs. His educational copywriting skills effectively communicate and bridge the gap from merely educating on the features your school, product, or service can offer, to amplifying the benefits and transformation that will occur by attending your school or utilizing your product or service.

Ready to increase student enrollment and boost sales?