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Alicia Berberich is your connection to the Modern Woman. She brings an understanding to the table that few other copywriters can: she is The Modern Woman. She walks in those shoes. She understands the pressures of work, family, fertility, unemployment, getting fired, speaking to large audiences, living in distant lands away from your family and support, dealing with teenagers, dyslexia, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and dealing with dogs who somehow believe they should sit at the dinner table too.

How about meal planning when you live with family members who range from Keto, vegetarian, dementia, and a sensitive stomach? You have to be flexible and keep your sense of humor in all matters.

If you are looking for a buttoned-up, Ivy-league educated, straight-faced copywriter for all of your copy needs, keep looking.

If, instead, you are looking for someone who gets what life is like in this crazy world of non-stop chaos and you are trying to get through to your prospects and need copy help, call Alicia.

You will be glad you did. Here’s her number: 415-969-0280