Do you fall into one (or more) of these categories?

• Your product or service is great, but it's a struggle to get noticed and sell it.
• Your business grew. Time to write sales copy yourself shrank.
• Writing isn't a strength. So you hired someone else, but didn't like what you got.
• You just don't like writing sales copy. It's easier to find someone else to do it.

My name is Adam Hillis, and I love to do that thing you need.

I write direct response sales copy. And as a Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter, I've learned from one of the best in the industry.

Before becoming a copywriter, I assisted Executives, led teams, played music, run sound, managed databases, trained employees, built budgets, offered IT support, doing graphic design, sold memberships, and more. I'm also a husband and father, which is the area of life that gets most of my focus.

My writing skills, a wide variety of experiences, and research talents are ready to serve you and your business. And to sell your stuff. If you're ready to add a skilled writer to your arsenal of business tools, contact me so I can hear more about your project and what you need.